The Kip Shelter turns camping into an adventure! Wake up at the lakeside, make the coffee on the outside kitchen unit while the sun rises slowly above the De Waard awning. Camping has just got better. 

Besides being an ideal way of taking a holiday, the Shelter is also perfect for carrying your sports equipment. Take your motorbike to your favourite holiday destination or just use the shelter for a weekend break. Go with your windsurfing board or kiteboard stuff to your favourite spot on the lake. Transport your mountain bikes to the hills, or use your Kip Shelter for that fun kids sports weekend.

The Kip Shelter is extremely practical and made from high-quality materials. Styrofoam is used in the floor and walls, which gives the Shelter excellent insulation. The furnishing panels are HPL, an extremely tough and scratch-resistant material. There’s also a folding bench, LED lighting, and plenty of storage area. And a great standard feature is a Bluetooth speaker system so you can listen to your favourite music directly from your smartphone or laptop.

You can create your Kip Shelter in your own style. Choose the colour that fits your style – what about turquoise or purple? The exterior panels are available in many great colours. And there’s a great selection of interior fabrics in some fantastic colours too.


Be different. Be colourful...

NEW! Kip makes camping hipper than ever. With the option AluDesign. Every desired design can be printed durably on the (side plating of) Shelter*. With this innovation we provide you an unique, personalized camping vehicle, without using stickers. Kip kicks off with some designed prints for you, see below. Do you have your own idea or design? Besides, they are almost without limitation! Consult with your dealer for more details.

*at additional cost

  • Shelter with AluDesign from our stock € 1.395,- incl. 21% VAT
  • Shelter with self-made design according to our specifications (print ready) € 1.595,- incl. 21% VAT (only side panel, front- and back sides standard)
  • Shelter with self-made design according to our specifications (print ready) € 1.695,- incl. 21% VAT (side panels, front- and back sides)
  • Additional cost of the ready to print service. Kip makes your delivered idea ready to print € 150,- incl. 21% VAT

Audi and the Shelter. The perfect combination! Take a look at the video below.